Learn Spanish in a professional and fun environment. Private and Group lessons, as well as interview preparation and corporate lessons in Retford

Learning Spanish can be a challenging task, and no doubt that you have to study hard, but if you are serious aboug learning Spanish, then contact us at Spanish Intuition! We have almost ten years of experience with all types of students: from young children, to secondary school teenagers, to grown ups! Each person learns in different ways, but there is something that everyone has in common: if you are not having fun, you will not learn! We can offer you private or group lessons, corporate or after school clubs in Retford and the surrounding areas. Read all the reviews left about Spanish Intuition to see what they think about ut, and give us a call once you are ready to take the challenge!


School Clubs

Extracurricular activities are a great way for kids to meet new friends, learn new things or give something back to their community.  Best of all, studies show that students who are involved in after-school activities earn higher grades and are more successful – both academically and socially.

In the UK, after school clubs have emerged as the number 1 choice of parents for teaching Spanish, French and Italian to their children. My after school clubs incorporate several fun and interesting ways to teach making the entire learning process quick and effective for children.

My Language Clubs are designed specifically for each stage of education and pupils quickly establish a strong awareness and understanding of Spanish and Italian through interactive songs, structured games, storytelling and themes relevant to everyday life.

Every pupil will be treated as an individual with a specific work programme. Each term will follow a program that will allow parents to follow the progress of their child and reinforce the activities at home if they wish to do so. At the end of term I will provide a progress report which will help to monitor the student’s progress.

I also organise trips to Spain and Italy for students and adults in case you might be interested in sending students abroad.