Learn Spanish in a professional and fun environment. Private and Group lessons, as well as interview preparation and corporate lessons in Retford

Learning Spanish can be a challenging task, and no doubt that you have to study hard, but if you are serious aboug learning Spanish, then contact us at Spanish Intuition! We have almost ten years of experience with all types of students: from young children, to secondary school teenagers, to grown ups! Each person learns in different ways, but there is something that everyone has in common: if you are not having fun, you will not learn! We can offer you private or group lessons, corporate or after school clubs in Retford and the surrounding areas. Read all the reviews left about Spanish Intuition to see what they think about ut, and give us a call once you are ready to take the challenge!



One-to-one Spanish tuitions in Retford is the quickest and most flexible way to learn a language, offering the student the opportunity to keep their own pace and review specific topics as many times as required!

Once you decide to start a private tuition with Spanish Intuition, I will be able to tailor the lesson to meet your specific needs, whether you are learning Spanish for business, leisure or academic purposes.

A free of charge first meeting will be arranged once you have decided you want to learn one of the languages I offer. It normally takes thirty minutes and we will discuss your specific needs, your personal situation, your reasons to learn the language, your expectations and the different options to learn it. During this meeting, I will explain the student all the specification regarding the language chosen as the books to buy, the advisable time per week, homework, lessons’ policy, etc. Once the student agrees and commits to learn with Spanish Intuition, we will decide the first lesson date!

I am available throughout the day, during the evening and also at weekends. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your chosen dates. The standard lesson length is one hour although longer lessons can be arranged (I do not advice tuitions longer than 1.5 hours).

Some students are happy to receive 1.5 hours in person and an extra hour via Skype … Depending how quickly you want to learn the language, students can take as many lessons per week as required and I can also arrange for Intensive Tuition.