Learn Spanish in a professional and fun environment. Private and Group lessons, as well as interview preparation and corporate lessons in Retford

Learning Spanish can be a challenging task, and no doubt that you have to study hard, but if you are serious aboug learning Spanish, then contact us at Spanish Intuition! We have almost ten years of experience with all types of students: from young children, to secondary school teenagers, to grown ups! Each person learns in different ways, but there is something that everyone has in common: if you are not having fun, you will not learn! We can offer you private or group lessons, corporate or after school clubs in Retford and the surrounding areas. Read all the reviews left about Spanish Intuition to see what they think about ut, and give us a call once you are ready to take the challenge!



I provide Spanish, Italian and English lessons using Skype. Designed to make the most of your time and effort, Skype Lessons offer an array of benefits:

  • You can schedule the language tuition according to your availability.
  • You can study from wherever you are.
  • Skype Lessons improve concentration and maximize your effort since there are no distractions around.
  • Every lesson is tailored individually to suit the student specific needs making it a unique learning experience.
  • Before and after each lesson, you will be sent materials and homework and during the lesson I will provide instant information with the use of a graphic tablet.
So, if you are busy but still need to learn a language, Skype Lessons might be the answer for you

The aim of my lessons is to make each student feel more confident using Spanish, Italian and English. 

To achieve fluency, I help each student to increase vocabulary, improve listening comprehension, and refine pronunciation.  I teach through conversation and exercises.  Depending on your level and after discussing the different options with each individual, you might chose to speak only in the target language and follow, understand, listen and react in that language. Skype will allow you to learn and maintain your language level wherever you are.

Homework will be given after every session to reinforce and practice the topics covered in the lesson.